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What Services Do Interior Designers Provide?

How Much Do Interior Designers Cost?

What Services Do Home Interior Designers Provide?

Home interior designers work with homeowners to layout rooms, move walls to accommodate new layouts, and to select interior items such as furniture, carpeting, wall treatments, and window treatments. Interior designers often have relationships with local design centers and showrooms where they can get discount pricing. Need help finding a designer near you?

How Much Do Interior Designers Cost?

The most common ways interior designers bill for their work: 1) by the hour, 2) cost plus, and 3) fixed fee. By the hour. Professionals will provide you an hourly rate and will typically provide you an estimate of how many hours the project will take for them to complete. Cost plus. When working on a cost plus basis, designers charge a markup (often 20%) on the items they purchase for the project. For example, if the designer obtains a couch for $800 at wholesale, they mark up the cost to $960 to cover their fee of $160 (or 20%). Fixed fee. When working on a fixed fee basis, the designer will provide you a set fixed price at the beginning of the project. A set list of tasks are included as part of the fixed rate. If additional tasks are added to the list during the project, then the fixed fee is typically increased to accommodate the additional task. Receive a free estimate from interior designers near you.

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